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Irish Farmers Demand €20 Per Ewe Payments

23 June 2015

IRELAND – Irish farmers are calling for direct government support payments of €20 per ewe and for a “more ambitious” approach to driving the Irish sheep sector forward.

Money should be drawn from a combination of European Union and state funds, the Irish Farmers’ Association said at Teagasc Sheep 2015 yesterday.

Funding demands are accompanied with a package of other IFA proposals for the sheep sector, including several other payment options and promotion and knowledge transfer initiatives.

In calling for payments, the IFA has underlined the clear economic advantage of having a resilient sheep sector, estimated to be worth over €280 million to the country annually.

Addressing the Teagasc audience, IFA President said, as Ireland’s third largest agricultural sector, for every €1 of sheep farm support, a further €2.70 is generated by the Irish economy.

IFA Sheep chairman, John Lyskey said the sheep sector is “deserving” of “strong support”, highlighting a 38,000 head reduction in ewe numbers as shown in the 2014 flock census and recent farm surveys showing an average annual income of €14,500.

Sheep farming’s role in the hills, where no other farming can take place, has been emphasised by the IFA, as has Ireland’s current position as the EU’s third largest exporter of sheep meat products.

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