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Wild Dogs Biggest Damage to Morale and Pocket

12 May 2015

AUSTRALIA – Wild dogs represent the biggest threat to the emotions and economics of Australian sheep farms, a conference heard last week.

Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) president, Jeff Murray, stressed the need for more government progress on managing wild dogs at the SCA’s quarterly meeting in Toowoomba.

He sees it as a headline issue, along with kangaroo overgrazing and environmental red tape. 

Addressing northern producers, Mr Murray said: “For many years now, wild dogs have been a major problem across all grazing industries in Australia.

“The issue is not just a matter of direct stock and financial losses, although these losses run into many millions of dollars each year; wild dogs are also increasingly acknowledged as a source of spread for serious animal-borne diseases.

“They are highly damaging to regional economies, to local wildlife, and are a significant animal welfare concern.”

He confirmed support of the National Wild Dog Action Plan (NWDAP), a stakeholder group, and its lobbying of politicians.

In response to losses worth “millions of dollars each year”, the NWDAP formed in February 2013, bringing together industry bodies to confirm a consensus approach for managing wild dogs.

Four action points inform the work of the plan.

  • Effective Leadership and Governance

Provide leadership and coordination for the management of wild dogs.

  • People

Increase awareness, understanding and capacity building with regard to wild dog management.

  • Tools and methods

Mitigate the negative impacts caused by wild dogs.

  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Monitor, evaluate and report to inform and continuously improve wild dog management.

Michael Priestley

Michael Priestley
News Team - Editor

Mainly production and market stories on ruminants sector. Works closely with sustainability consultants at FAI Farms.

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