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Summer Lamb Throughput One Third Higher

21 July 2014

UK – Northern Irish lamb throughput is over a third higher for June and early July than last year, according to Livestock and Meat Commission Northern Ireland (LMC).

Lamb supplies for the six week period ending 12 July reached 68,917, up 39 per cent on 2013’s total for the same period.

This lift enabled supplies to ‘meet demand’ LMC analysts said, although prices at the plants slipped last week, while liveweight sales were ‘steady’.

Deadweight lambs in the Republic of Ireland fell by the equivalent of 15.1 p/kilogram to 358.6 p/kg and Northern Ireland’s plants reported an average fall of 23.8 p/kg to 365 p/kg.

Deadweight lambs across Great Britain were back 40 p/kilo to 419.4 p/kg on the previous week on average.

Livestock Markets

Good quality finished lambs saw steady trade as store lambs met ‘strong trade’.


907 lambs sold to an average of 337p/kg compared to 1,025 lambs the previous week selling to an average of 354p/kg.


650 lambs sold from 320-352p/kg compared to 370 lambs last week selling from 310- 361p/kg.


484 lambs sold from 319-368p/kg compared to 212 lambs last week selling from 325-361p/kg.


A ‘good’ entry of lambs sold to an average of 374p/kg. The firm trade for good quality cull ewes has continued with top prices of over £90 recorded in several marts.

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