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French and Kiwi Farmers Share Common Ground

29 April 2015

GLOBAL – Longstanding trading relationships and an appreciation of grazing systems are uniting stockmen across the globe.

While farm management is different, there is a lot of common ground between French and New Zealand agricultural industries, according to levy board Beef and Lamb New Zealand.

France has offered a high-value market for New Zealand sheep meat for many years, while its farmers, like their New Zealand counterparts, understand the merits of animal protein reared on low-input pastures,

Furthermore, a long standing relationship between Interbev, the French red meat levy board, and BLNZ has helped maintain the flow of product from New Zealand.

Leaders of BLNZ and Interbev during a one week visit to New Zealand earlier this month

"We send top-quality products to Europe where there is considerable demand for what we have to offer,” said BLNX CEO, Dr Scott Champion, speaking after a recent visit by French livestock sector leaders.

“Working with French farmer organisations to make sure that the trade continues in a sustainable and complementary way is a key focus for us.

“Grass-fed, free range, low input sheep and beef production systems have an important part to play in meeting global food demand.

“These discussions with Interbev confirmed our shared view that environmental issues around food production need to be considered holistically.”

Looking ahead, Dr Champion said an EU/NZ economic partnership was something they were ‘very keen’ to get off the ground.

“It would help us to improve on our current beef market access conditions. Ensuring that our French counterparts are aware of our thinking and understand where we're coming from on that is really important.”


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