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Welsh Farmers Ask Retailers to Promote Their Lamb

27 April 2015

WALES, UK - The National Farmers Union in Wales (NFU Cymru) has presented retailers with a five point plan for how they can help the Welsh lamb industry.

They also sought to reassure retailers that 2015 has been a good lambing season and there is a plentiful supply of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Welsh Lamb becoming available.

Lyndon Edwards, Chairman of the NFU Cymru Livestock Board, and a Monmouthshire sheep farmer said: “Retailers should be in no doubt that there will be no shortage of prime PGI Welsh lamb over the next 12 months.”

In the five point plan, NFU Cymru asked retailers for:

  • Transparency on commitment to sourcing Welsh lamb, specifically when the retailers’ season starts and finishes.

  • Getting closer to producers: Improved communications and relationships are required from the supply chain which offers stability and confidence to producers.

  • Product development: An outline of plans on how they plan to develop new products to entice consumers to buy Welsh lamb and enable lamb carcasses to be balanced.

  • Ensure that labelling is clear on the origin of lamb and clearly highlighting the PGI status of Welsh lamb.

  • Dedicated shelf space for both Welsh and UK lamb is important to ensure the consumers are left in no doubt what they are buying.

Mr Edwards continued, “NFU Cymru will use every possible opportunity over the coming weeks to ask retailers to confirm their commitments to sourcing Welsh and to outline our key asks.

“It is important to note, though, that the drivers that the lamb market faces are far more complex than simple retailer sourcing.

"Exchange rates, consumer demand - domestically and abroad, are other vital factors. Carcass balance for different markets is also important as a means of adding overall value.

“What is most important of all is the continued support of the public in ensuring that when they go to supermarkets and restaurants they make a point of asking for great tasting PGI Welsh lamb.”

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