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Colombia Discusses Mexican Sheep, Goat Imports

21 April 2015

MEXICO - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) has visited Mexico with a view to importing sheep and goats for the genetic improvement of Colombian livestock.

The ICA sent three veterinarians in the areas of Risk Assessment, Veterinary Diagnostics and Animal Health visited the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City where there are high concentrations of sheep and goats.

The CEO of ICA, Luis Humberto Martinez Lacouture, said the meetings "aimed to reopen the sheep market and goats from Mexico to Colombia under the guidelines of Risk Assessment and according to health protection standards of livestock production in the country."

The delegates spent time during the visit assessing the Mexican Official Veterinary Service in their technical and administrative area in order to know the procedures and export controls, meeting with Mexican producers, and visiting areas where exports would come from.

After visiting the country and verifying compliance with health parameters established by Colombia, the ICA may trigger the opening of the market for sheep and goats from Mexico.

The agricultural ministry of Australia is also assessing the possibility of initiating the import of genetic material from sheep and goats in Mexico, but is yet to visit the country.

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