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Blow Fly Strike

Blowfly lesions, Cutaneous myiasisthrough maggots can be >one centimetre diameter with a small number of maggots, to extensive areas and can cause death if the symptoms are neglected.

In the UK, blowfly strike is usually caused by the greenbottle fly. The females, attracted by the odour of decomposing matter such as wounds, soiled, fleece or dead animals lay up to 250 eggs which hatch after about 12 hours.

After three days the mature larvae drop off the sheep and pupate in the soil.

Blowfly strikes usually occur in waves.

Blowfly strikes can also be found less commonly in virulent footrot lesions with exposed corium/exuberant granulation tissue, dermatophilosis lesions on the skin and urine scalding around the prepuce.

For more information on blowfly strike, diagnosis, treatment and prevention click here.

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