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Liver Fluke

Liver fluke (fasciolosis) is a problem in the UK and northern hemishphere countries during the wetter late autumn and winter.

It can hit the farmer financially because the carcases are condemned at the slaughterhouse.

The problem is caused by a parasite Fasciola Hepatica, which can infect all grazing animals. The adult fluke are found in the bile duct in the liver of sheep.

In the UK the immediate host of the fluke is the mud snail Galba truncatula, which is found in wet muddy areas.

Similarly to other internal parasites, Fasciola hepatica has developed resistance to some anthelmintics (namely triclabendazole) in some parts of the world. Therefore treatment should be implemented strategically.

SCOPS can provide further advice.

For more information on liver fluke, diagnosis, treatment and prevention click here.

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