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Ancient DNA is revealing the origins of livestock herding in Africa
Visitors to East Africa are often amazed by massive herds of cattle with a gorgeous array of horn, hump and coat patterns. Pastoralism – a way of life centered around herding – is a central part of many Africans’ identity. It’s also a key economic...
Efforts to Control PPRV in Sheep and Goats Should Focus on Herd Management, Not Age
The risk of transmitting the virus peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV), which produces a highly infectious and often fatal disease in sheep and goats, does not appear to vary significantly by an animal's age, unlike its sibling virus measles, which...
New Research: Lame Sheep Adjust Behavior to Cope with Condition
In the first study of its kind, published today in the Journal of the Royal Society Open Science, a team of experts from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University have been able to demonstrate the automated detection of lameness...
Population of rare Stone's sheep smaller than thought
Genetic analysis reveals misclassification of subspecies of thinhorn sheep and leads to a more accurate estimate....
How the West was Won (with Smaller, Tougher Sheep)
In parts of the western United States, rangeland stocking rates are as low as one sheep to every 10 acres. Sheep need to be tough to survive in this harsh, unforgiving country where the weather, predators and sparse forage mean only the most sturdy survive,...
Is the United States Ready for New Rules on Antibiotics?
Antimicrobial use on farms is about to change for animals across the US, writes Rachel Lane....

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