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Hill Sheep Farms 2013

28 August 2014


Last year, money was lost by hill sheep farms as a result of high feed spend and low weaning weights lost at €5 per ewe.

  • The average hill sheep flock size for those that completed a profit monitor for 2013 was 144.
  • Average lambs reared per ewe joined to ram was 0.97.
  • Average lamb sales price was €77.
  • The combination of the low weaning rate and average lamb sales price resulted in a gross output per ewe joined to ram of €69.
  • Variable costs per hill sheep ewe were €40. Purchased feed accounted for 45% of the variable costs at €18 per ewe.
  • Gross margin on the hill sheep farms in 2013 was €29 per ewe.
  • With average fixed costs of €34 per ewe, the hill sheep ewe was left with an average net loss excluding premia of - €5 per ewe in 2013.

Table 6 - Profit Monitor per ewe analysis (17 Farms)

Physical Performance
Flock size 144
Lambs reared per ewe to ram 0.97
Average Lamb Price € / head €77
Financial (€/ Ewe)
Gross Output €69
Purchased Feed €18
Fertiliser & Lime €8
Veterinary €6
Contractor €3
Other Variable Costs €5
Total Variable Costs €40
Gross Margin €29
Total Fixed Costs €34
Net Profit Excl. Premia -€5

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